Internet Marketing In 3 Steps

Read in between the lines of all the Internet Marketing tutorials and you’ll find a common set of steps you can take in order to start your online business.
  1. Find a niche
  2. Create a Website for said niche
  3. Advertise to create traffic.

This is the basic structure of the Internet Marketing blueprint however a majority will never take the most important step… action!

Not taking action is the #1 dream killer.

If you’re serious about getting starting in Internet Marketing, then at some point you have to take what you’ve learned from all these different experts and gurus, pick something and apply it.

Here are those steps again with a little more detail.

Step 1. Finding A Niche

These are a couple of my favorite resources right now. I put a picture of a search on “how to find a niche” to demonstrate how many other possibilities there are, so many!

Step 2. Creating A Website

Hosting & Domains

Website builders

There are a ton of different directions you can go here but what is important is that to get a proper website you will need hosting.  Also, it should be noted that wordpress is usually the go to site builder for most hosting companies and also there IS a difference between and, here is an article by wpbeginner with an explanation. vs by wpbeginner

Step 3. Traffic

Getting traffic is a huge niche among itself, from writing articles to paying for it, there are many avenues that one can pursue. Question is, do want to play the long game (SEO) or get instant results (paid option.)

Id like to finish with one of my favorite quotes I look to for motivation;


Thank you for reading, best of luck and cheers to your success!


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